CMI Looks Back at 2017: Celebrating Another Year of Growth and Change

Oh, 2017! We hardly knew you! It certainly feels that way, what with all CMI has been experiencing these last 12 months.

Here’s a look back at all of the new and exciting things that have happened this year.

New Location

This was our first full year in our new East Coast office in Stamford, CT, and we love it! The fresh digs, new environment, cool eateries, incredible access to clients, and expanded pools of talent all combine to make for a whole new level of energy and enthusiasm at our company.

New Launches & Updates

We started the year by expanding our Digital Delivery service offering to include International Digital Cinema Packets (DCP).

We are now helping create more efficient centralized workflows for theatrical film distribution to international markets. Leveraging CMI’s deep expertise in delivering filmed content to the global inflight entertainment industry in ever-increasing complex permutations of specs, formats, versions and languages, we are solving similar problems in global digital cinema… This is work we thoroughly enjoy, and we look forward to further expanding our presence with international distributors and film sales agencies in the months to come.

We also recognized a need among corporations and marketers struggling to meaningfully connect with their target audiences in the noisy world of competing digital social, traditional and non-traditional media outlets. So, CMI launched dBrochure, an innovative way to provide high-end branded communications, literally right into your customers’ hands, without any outside distraction. We are especially proud of the B2B applications of this very versatile physical/digital solution, and its uptake by our corporate clients.

Bien sûr, nous continuons à parler toutes les langues du monde…. Oops, sorry, the CMI localization impulse is at play here... What we mean to say – en Inglès esta vez, por favor! – is that CMI’s localization work continues to rapidly grow and diversify. While continuing to make our studio customers’ movies speak, sing and dance in multiple languages on aircrafts all over the world, we have been busily fulfilling requests to dub filmed content for additional distribution markets. We’re proud to count Sony, Amazon Studios and FilmNation among those clients who regularly entrust us with the localization of content destined to international theaters and streaming platforms.

But localization of audiovisual content – subtitled or dubbed – isn’t just the purview of filmed entertainment anymore. In fact, we believe that video is now the communication medium of choice throughout all industries. CMI continues to help localize a wide range of communications for global audiences. Our clients – whether software start-ups, century-old consumer product companies or multi-national franchise operators - regularly turn to CMI to localize their customer onboarding, market research or employee training videos, targeting users in over 150 languages. This past year has set a new high-water mark for such work at CMI. To walk through our recording studios is to travel the whole world in an ever-changing kaleidoscope of languages, dialects and accents.

New Staff

So yes, we have been busy! And of course, none of this happens in a vacuum or without the hard work and excellent input of our growing staff. In 2017, we welcomed new seasoned sales executives, expanded our technical team, spent more resources on technical and professional training and visited more tradeshows and new industry conferences.

Looking Forward

We are excitedly looking forward to the next 12 months: we will be further expanding our studio capabilities (first in Studio City and later in Stamford), continuing to recruit superior talent in all areas of our organization, visiting more tradeshows and perhaps, presenting at a conference or two. Most importantly, we look forward to continuing to deliver premium products and services to our clients throughout the world.

But first… Eggnog!

We look forward to celebrating the happy conclusion of the year with our wider CMI family of clients and partners, old and new, and our incredibly dedicated team of colleagues on the East and West coasts.

All the best for 2018!

Haitham Wahab                                 Ken Wynne