CMI On the Road: Upcoming Localization & Digital Delivery Events

CMI has been traveling locally and around the globe to discuss localization and digital delivery as well as introduce our latest product, the dBrochure.


Gala (The Localization & Globalization Association)  

Amsterdam - March 2017


Cannes, France - April 2017

VidCon US

Anaheim, CA - June 2017

The International Franchise Expo

NYC - June 2017

IDEA World Conventions

Las Vegas, NV - July 2018

APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association)

Long Beach, CA - September 2017


Silicon Valley, CA - September 2017


Las Vegas, NV - October 2017

Tri-Chamber of Commerce 2017

Stamford, CT - November 2017

AFM (American Film Market & Conferences)

Los Angeles, CA - November 2017


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