How Critical are In-Territory Offices to Localization?

Prospective clients often ask us whether we have “in-territory offices” in key locations around the world. The answer is that CMI has access to partnerships and localization resources on all five continents. The more pertinent question is: “Do you use native talent for the target localization language?” And here, again, the answer is “CMI uses only native talent”.

What matters most to CMI, and frankly should be the overwhelming deciding factor for any client seeking quality localization, is the accuracy in translation and nuanced understanding of the target audience by the talent handling the project, regardless of their location.

To repeat an often-cited trope, the digital revolution has made geography and physical location less relevant for a vast majority of industries. Digital has become the great leveler “making it possible for a small firm to be a global company with the reach and capabilities that once only large companies could possess. They can reach customers, suppliers and tap talent on the other side of the world,” says Charles Roxburgh at McKinsey.

Increasingly companies are able to crowdsource labor in the digital world. The pool of talent is worldwide and projects can be staffed up as needed, allowing a company to remain small and profitable. WhatsApp serves over 400 billion users with a staff of 50. Content localization is no exception and often “international presence” just means “access to people all over the world”.

With CMI’s advanced digital infrastructure and broad network of global talent (built over 30 years), we have instantaneous access to global native talent, whether for translation, voice recording or second-pass quality control. This capability makes in-territory offices unnecessary. At CMI you pay for quality localization, not superfluous international overhead.

We regularly handle projects where we coordinate teams in multiple locations and time-zones; we could have a script transcribed in LA, translated into Arabic in Beirut, with a voice casting and recording of different tracks in multiple locations, including in our own facilities in the US. Final mixing and QC are handled in-house exclusively.

The speed and efficiency of our digital-centric, location-dependent process allows us to deliver localization services more economically to our clients…with zero impact on the quality or timing of the project. In-territory offices add a layer of complexity that is obsolete in a borderless world.

Our strength is in the expertise gained over 30+ years dubbing Hollywood features for distribution in the global airline market. Our professionals manage talent and workflow processes expertly, wherever the talent resides, for a consistently high quality product. In addition to the US, our native talent can be found worldwide.

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