End of Year Musings

As another year comes to a close, I find myself musing about “concluding” thoughts…. I know that is the traditional, some might even say expected, tenor of an End-of-Year message. The thing is though, right now, at CMI, we really are not in a “concluding mood” or anything resembling the same…. In fact, it’s quite the opposite…As the Germans say: „Wir sind in Aufbruchstimmung!!”

Was Ist Aufbruchstimmung?

Well, maybe I should localize that last sentence… “Aufbruchstimmung” encapsulates, in a way only German words can, that mixture of excitement and anticipation that comes at the beginning of a journey, the feeling you have when you strike camp and get ready to embark on a new adventure. Yes, that is exactly the feeling we have at CMI, in these waning days of 2018…

Continued Success & Growth

In 2018, we continued our work in support of some of the best creators and distributors of content in the world. We are extremely proud to count some of the most successful studios, including Amazon Studios, NBC Universal and Sony Entertainment among our customers. We are grateful for the trust they put in us to service their needs in the global Inflight Entertainment Industry.

Last year was also one that saw us explore and make key inroads in new markets, growing and learning about where we can best be of service. It was a year of initiating new dialogues, participating in more conferences and events, making new friends and finding new customers.

Our People

We have been busy in 2018! Of course, none of this happens in a vacuum and without the hard work and excellent input of our amazing staff. The team at CMI is constantly adjusting and expanding to help our new growth goals in video localization while also ensuring learning in our operations and service delivery. It is no cliché, and we say it unabashedly: Our people make CMI who we are, in a first and last instance. We are lucky to have a team that is the definition of engagement and commitment. A team that confidently knows how to get things done, and doesn’t think twice about that extra mile…

At CMI we are privileged to work with a team that cares and understands where we have been, where we are, and where we aim to go.

Happy Holidays!

So yes, we are clearly feeling the Aufbruchstimmung at CMI, as we are prepare to leap into the next year!

But first… you guessed it: Eggnog!

May you have a wonderful holiday season and see you all next year!


All the best for 2019!