Posted September 17, 2018

Mapping Out Your Video Distribution: Part 2

In our last post we addressed four steps to creating a solid video content strategy. Today’s post will tackle the fifth and most important step – what to consider when distributing your video for maximum effectiveness and reach.

Posted August 31, 2018

5 Steps to Create a Global Video Content Strategy: Part 1

Content strategy is accepted as a must-have in the text realm, where the explosion of content can come from a wide range of quality sources — from the highly professional to do-it-yourself blogs.

Posted August 09, 2018

Comparing Video Localization Quotes

Posted July 24, 2018

5 Must-Have Tips for Corporate Video Localization

There is so much more to video localization for corporate purposes than simply translating a script. Video is a richer and much more nuanced medium than just text. Whether or not you realized it, the last time you watched a work-related video your brain was taking in all kinds of cues beyond the words themselves. Were there subtle jokes made in word choice? Was the jargon something that would apply more to a certain age or group of people? A certain way of talking might feel like home to disaffected students, but vocal fry won’t fly with professionals.

Posted July 09, 2018

Video Localization Forecasts and Trends

Video marketing has soared during the last 12 months, with a 17 percent leap in usage that’s forecast to continue through 2018.

Posted June 22, 2018

How to Prepare Video for Localization

So you want to localize your video or film for an international audience? In order to achieve true localization, you’ll need to ensure that the translations ring true to your audience, that the timing of dialogue delivery is correct, that it all seems natural. In short, good localization needs to be seamless to the audience.

Posted June 07, 2018

The Most-Spoken Language in Business

Being online today means something very different than it did 20-odd years ago, when digital communication exploded into the general domain from the cloistered world of computer science.

Posted May 22, 2018

How to Find the Best Translation Talent

Can Anyone Who Speaks More Than One Language Be a Translator? 

Good question.  A simple Google search for “translator” plus the language of your choice reveals literally thousands of contacts who claim they can translate your content seamlessly. However, just speaking the language doesn’t make someone a skilled translator. A number of subjective qualities go into bringing a language to life and remaining true to its original spirit. Your content is at risk if you entrust it to an unproven localization provider who does not rigorously screen its translation talent.

Posted April 24, 2018

An Overview of Closed Captioning Rules and Regulations

Is your film, TV series, video, or YouTube channel required to have closed captions?

Posted April 09, 2018

Cultural Nuance in Script Localization

In the context of marketing internationally, “localization” can at first seem like a misnomer. It suggests that we’re working with things that are very close by, when the aim is actually to operate seamlessly from very far away.