Take Your Video or Film Global with DCP

Studios and international film sales agencies are often faced with a host of issues when delivering theatrical elements internationally. There are concerns over loss of control, piracy and content integrity, all of which can have serious business and revenue implications. CMI has the answer.

Among our digital delivery services is DCP or the (D)igital (C)inema (P)ackage. In the past, films were delivered to commercial theaters in 35mm format at a significant cost to the filmmaker and distributors. Today, over 98% of U.S. and international theaters are digital and DCP is the worldwide standard for filmed content distribution to these venues.

A DCP deliverable is comprised of several computer files containing video, audio and localized subtitles or dubs with 2K or 4K resolution. These files are encrypted and can easily reach sizes of 100GB to 400+GB. DCPs are delivered physically on a secured hard-drive or, increasingly, via secure digital transfer technologies using NSA-level encryption algorithms and separate authentication technologies. Such secure, Internet-based protocols present the most economical and fastest way to deliver high quality filmed content.

At CMI, our state-of-the-art Colorfront/Transkoder DCP workstations can easily create DCP localized masters at any resolution in fractions of the actual run-time of the feature, which is a key requirement for simultaneous distribution of content to multiple international markets.

For our studio and international sales agency clients, we offer DCP creation economically, securely and on time. Within our workflow, clients maintain complete control of the master DCP and digital keys, even when subtitling and dubbing are executed by a third party. Full control over the master DCP, which is housed at CMI, ensures a much lower probability of piracy and improves flexibility as financial and other issues are settled with in-country distribution partners.

In addition to delivering DCP, CMI also handles full digital delivery of other theatrical and marketing materials such as Pro-Res 2K/4K video masters, Pro-tool audio for dubbing, layered poster files, key set of images, etc.

CMI has always been on the forefront of digital delivery technology. We’ve worked with major Hollywood studios for the past 30 years localizing, digitally processing and delivering video/film content to the in-flight entertainment industry. This is a global market requiring upwards of 150 unique feature-film files to be delivered daily.

Partnering with CMI, you will experience a level of quality control and flawless execution that is unparalleled in the industry. You can trust and rely on us to deliver your content to the right place, in the right language, in the right format, on time, every time—GUARANTEED!

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