What to know before choosing a localization company for language replacement and subtitling

You’ve worked hard to produce content that is precise and well-suited for your audience. In searching for a production vendor for dubbing, subtitling or captioning, you’re looking for a company that will uphold your quality of work. Post-production and localization is not an afterthought. It’s important to choose wisely because a bad translation or grammatical mistakes will make you look unprofessional. It could take away the credibility you’ve worked so hard to earn.

When choosing dubbing, subtitling, voice over and captioning services, consider the following:

Research their work. A referral from a colleague is always the best place to start. Even with a referral – and moreover without one – you’ll want to look at their online portfolio. There should be video examples of post-production work on the company website. Take a careful look at the subtitles and closed captioning: Are they unobtrusive? Are the grammar, punctuation and syntax correct? Is the lag time minimal? How is the reading-speed? In the dubbing demos: Do the actors’ mouth movements match the sound? Is the sound clear and of good quality?

Look at their client list. Don’t be a post-production guinea pig. An experienced company will feature some of its well-known clients on its website.

Ask how many languages they can handle. Even if you’re only looking to render your content in one or two languages, you may find an opportunity for your product in another international segment later on. A reputable post-production company should have the capacity of at least 100 different languages.

Discuss localization. A worthy dubbing and subtitling company will have a deep understanding of cultural influences, norms, customs, idiomatic expressions and ethnic groups. Make sure to discuss your target group to get a sense of their understanding.

Beware of unrealistic promises. Yes, it’s a competitive market. However, promising to deliver in incredibly less time and at a lower price may come at the cost of lower standards. Whether it’s a subtitled or dubbed production, keeping a realistic goal of price and time will more likely result in a high-quality product.


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